About Us

Mission Statement

Delivering empirically based mental health services, regardless of societally-created constraints, to meet each individual person where they are to help take them where they want to be.

Vision Statement

To create a safer culture, free of bias, which fosters transparency, values authenticity, and promotes everyone we come in contact with to have a voice which can affect change grounded in the belief that everyone and everything matters.

Values – STEPS

Safety – create an environment by being mindful of where individuals are internally to promote interactions that allow both personal and professional growth.

Togetherness – support a sense of community for all we come in contact with.

Empower – through education, encouragement and exploration engage everyone to be more than where they were before.

Perseverance – using a strength-based model, free of negativity to overcome obstacles through patience and persistence.

Success – to promote awareness that success is defined by individuals’ experiences, not by others’ expectations. therapy Henderson Nevada psychiatry Henderson Nevada

Treatment Approach


Lifespan Behavioral Health (LSBH) is unique and progressive in its  approach to mental health. Treatment is personalized and research based,  and draws on many treatment modalities. Dr. Sussal is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, and is trained and current with the  best evidence-based medication treatment strategies. Lifespan Behavioral  Health’s psychiatrists place a strong emphasis on psychotherapy  as the foundation of treatment. In fact, research shows that the gold  standard of treatment for depression, anxiety, and ADHD in both adults  and children is combined psychotherapy with medication used judiciously.

Lifespan Behavioral Health is comprehensive because it is a  practice consisting of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurse  practitioners, physician’s assistants, and professional counselors.  LSBH has every patient’s unique needs in mind thanks to its extensive  highly-qualified staff.


Every individual is unique, and differences among patients should be  considered when psychiatric therapies are being determined. Although it  seems so simple, personalized medicine is rarely applied to many  psychiatric disorders. At its core, personalized treatment is the  systematic use of information obtained from the patient to dictate the  type and course of treatment.

Lifespan Behavioral Health